Super Waterproof Male Masturbator Automatic Blowjob Toy w/ 7 Rotating & 7 Suctions with Sexual Moan

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About this item-  Please Check the following pdf product manual 

           Super Waterproof Male Masturbator Automatic Blowjob Toy w/ 7 Rotating & 7 Suctions with Sexual Moan (图1)1-21120R1494V37.pdf

Product Description:

Fully and totally Waterproof

Use the masturbator cup while lying in the bathtub. Enjoy the cool or warm water circulating surrounding your penis. How wonderful experience it brings to you !!!

Penis Training

The Automatic Blowjob Cup is designed to generate vacùùm suction, which promotes the blood filling the corpus cạvẹrnọsum repeatedly, thereby improving the ẹrẹction of the Pẹnis.

Automatic Masturbator with 7 Automatic Rotating & Suction】 

 Our blowjob toy helps you maintain your stallion longevity when with your significant other.

 The array of sucking and rotating motions is incredibly diverse which brings you a whole new masturbation experience, close to the feeling of blowjob and oral sex where you can sit back or lay down 

to enjoy the mind-blowing experience.

 Blowjob Toy with 7 Powerful Frequency】: 

The rotating and sucking together with 7 different frequency will push you over the edge and stimulatyou from every angle.

Detachable, Easy Cleaning

The inner clear sleeve of the masturbation cup is made of high-quality TPE material that is covered with soft and bumped nubs, providing a really great massage sensation to your penis. Make sure 

you use plenty of water-based lube to make things easier. The inner sleeve is detachableLift it up, rinse it over under running water and let it dry.

USB Rechargeable +Seductive Groan Interaction

The hole on the side of the personal masturbator is not only a charging port but also a headphone jack. After fully charging it with a USB adapter or usb port for 3 hours, plug the earphones into the 

hole, you can enjoy a 1-hour toe-curling masturbation journey accompanied  by seductive female moaning.                                     

Discreet Package + After-sale Warranty】 

Your purchase is safe and sound as the adult sex toy comes with discreet packaging and 1-year warranty. Should you have any problems, please feel free to contact us .

Super Waterproof Male Masturbator Automatic  w/ 7 Rotating 

           & 7 Suctions with Sexual Moan 

Here is a testing video in the water: